Mission, Vision, & Principles

Our Mission

The Meta Theatre Company seeks to abolish systemic oppression through live, interactive performance.

Our Vision

To build a liberating world that does not yet exist by:

Our Guiding Principles

We believe in transformative justice, not punishment.

We work through an intersectional lens, not focusing on just one social identity.

We trust the lived experiences of those who have been historically marginalized, not how the oppressive systems portray people who have been silenced.

We define violence by those creating the harm, not those being harmed.

We support abolition, not reform of oppressive systems.

We believe people subject to the carceral state deserve recognition of their full humanity and should not be marginalized or invisible.

We believe that white people are taught to perpetuate white supremacy and that doing antiracist work does not make white people, including those of Meta, immune from perpetuating white supremacy.

We are accomplices and co-conspirators, not allies.

We work with audiences, not for audiences, to decolonize theatre.