How do we assess power? 

The Meta Theatre Company (MTC) is a 501-C(3) non-profit organization that seeks to abolish systemic oppression through live, interactive performance. We aim to build a liberating world that does not exist yet by supporting and amplifying the leadership and radical imagination of historically marginalized groups, and teaching those who’ve historically had access to power how to develop their radical imagination to abolish systems of oppression. 

MTC works to create theatre about the issues of white privilege, race, class, gender and sexual orientation, and how systemic oppression shows up in our personal lives. Through this work, we help audiences create social change in their communities. 

MTC provides performances of all kinds, including trainings for organizations, awareness-raising pieces for conferences and community organizations, and performance as a means of healing. Our cast consists of women inside and outside the prison walls.

MTC is celebrating 10 years of performance and activism!